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In compliance with the current legislation governing the protection of personal data, we would like to inform you that the personal data you supply to us by completing the electronic registration form on this page is collected in files controlled by:

Ice Mountain Ibiza S. L.

In line with the regulations contained in said legislation, the data subject can exercise their rights of access, correction, removal, objection, limitation of processing, portability of data and of not being the object of automated individual decisions, including the creation of profiles, by writing to:

Ice Mountain Ibiza S. L. Camí des Molí, 12-1407820-Sant Antoni de Portmany

or by sending an email to with the subject “DATA PROTECTION”.If you do not provide the mandatory personal data requested on the registration form, we may not be able to deal with your request.

Could you please immediately advise Ice Mountain Ibiza S. L. of any changes to your personal data so that the information contained in our files is always up to date and does not contain any errors. Likewise, by accepting this legal notice, you acknowledge that the personal information and data collected are true and correct.

Your personal data is collected in order to maintain the business relationship deriving from the provision of hotel and hostel-related services, restoration, entertainment and providing you with publicity about other products and services, notices and offers and, in general, business information of interest regarding Ice Mountain Ibiza S. L. The processing is legitimate, and is based on at least one of the following conditions:

  1. the data subject has given their consent for their personal data to be processed for one or various specific purposes;
  2. the processing is necessary for the fulfilment of a contract in which the data subject is involved or for the implementation of pre-contractual measures requested by that party;
  3. the processing is necessary for the fulfilment of a legal obligation applicable to the data controller.

We would also like to inform you that our server may send a file (‘cookie’) to your computer, which provides us with technical information on the language chosen and other browsing options on the pages that you visit via In any case, you have the option of modifying your computer settings to reject the installation of these ‘cookies’.

Ice Mountain Ibiza S. L. undertakes to treat your personal data with complete confidentiality and to use it solely for the purposes indicated.

We would like to inform you that Ice Mountain Ibiza S. L. has adopted the necessary legal security measures in its facilities, systems and files as required by data protection legislation. Likewise, the data controller guarantees the confidentiality of all personal data, although it will reveal to the relevant public authorities personal data and any other information that is in its possession or that may be accessible through its systems and that is required in compliance with the applicable legal provisions.

The data subject is responsible, in all cases, for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity, authenticity and relevance of the personal data provided.


In accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Act 34/2002, we inform all our clients, users and visitors about the legal information relating to the company that owns the website at this address:

Company Name: Ice Mountain Ibiza S. L.Tax Address: Camí des Molí, 12-14 – 07820-Sant Antoni de PortmanyC.I.F. (Tax Identification No.): B57704124Companies Register: Eivissa, 18/3/2011, under protocol no. 2011/197/N/17/03/2011



In compliance with the regulations established in the second paragraph of Article 22 of the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Act 34/2002, dated 11 July, through this document, Ice Mountain Ibiza S. L., hereafter referred to as THE COMPANY, intends to inform you about cookies, their function, use and necessity, in such a way that you will be freely able to make decisions about whether or not to accept them. Furthermore, you are specifically informed that there may be cookies required to enable communication between your device and the internet, and to provide the services that you specifically request, and that in both cases, these cookies are excluded from the obligations established in said article.

A cookie is simply a file with an anonymous code that is downloaded onto your computer when you visit certain websites. These small files allow a website, among other things, to store, register and retrieve information in a passive way about the internet browsing habits of a user or their devices on the website. This information may identify the location from which the internet has been accessed, the time of connection, the type of device used for access (fixed or mobile), the operating system, the browser, the most frequently visited pages and the number of clicks made, among other data about user behaviour on the internet.

You can deactivate the cookies in your browser and delete them at any time. However, please be advised that although the website can be accessed without the need for these cookies to be activated, by deactivating them, this may hinder the correct function of the website. To find out more about cookies, you can visit the following URL:


Cookies can be classified into the following categories according to their functions:

  • Strictly necessary or technical cookies: These enable the user to browse through a web page, platform or app, and to use the different options or services that exist there.
  • Personalisation cookies: These enable the user to specify certain general characteristics when accessing the service (language, browser type, etc.).
  • Analysis cookies: These enable the owner of the same to monitor and analyse the behaviour of the users of the websites to which they are linked. They are used to analyse the activity on the websites or apps accessed by the user and to create browsing profiles that can then be used to make improvements for the users of those websites or apps.
  • Advertising cookies: These are used to manage advertising spaces that the owner may have included in the website or app.
  • Behavioural advertising cookies: These are used to manage, as effectively as possible, the advertising spaces that the owner may have included in the website or app. User behavioural data stored in these cookies is used for this purpose.



We would like to specifically, precisely and clearly inform you that we will not use the information that is obtained through the cookies installed on your computer, except those used to personalise browsing options and for technical questions, since we do not use analysis cookies or advertising cookies of any kind. The target users of the information that is obtained via the cookies that are installed on your computer will be the following entities:

  • Name
  • Google
  • Cloudflare
  • Facebook

The intended purposes are those indicated in the following table:



Expiry date




Two years after installation

Generate statistical data about how the website is used




Calculate the level of interest in the website




Statistics about how visitors use the page




Used to identify trusted web traffic and accelerate the loading of pages. Does not contain any type of identifying information.



3 months

Used to provide a series of advertising products such as bids in real time from third-party advertisers.


6 months

Identifies the user that has started a session to offer them online assistance.



Identifies the time of connection.


As we have already informed you, once the cookies have been installed, you can withdraw your consent at any time and delete these cookies. To do so, you can use the content and privacy settings available in the browser that you are using to browse the website.


This Cookie Policy may change in terms of the function of the cookies that are used. We recommend that you review this policy each time you access our website to ensure that you are adequately informed about how and why we use cookies, and so that you are aware of any change in the type of data that is collected.

If you have any questions about our Cookie Policy or you wish to withdraw any consent you previously gave, you can contact THE COMPANY using the following email address:, indicating the subject as “Cookie Policy”.